SENANA Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule Face Serum Shrink Pore Anti-Ance Nicotinamide

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  • Senana Nicotinamide Watery Lustrous Serum
  • Best and luxurious solution Legendary Ampoule
  • Watery skin
  • Highlight complexion
  • Hydrate and nourish
  • Watery and elastic
  • High concentration
  • High activity
  • Sterile and Vacuum
  • Nicotinamide Essence
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$9.68$35.20 (-73%)



  • Name of Product: Nicotinamide Watery Lustrous Serum
  • Specification of the product: 2 ML 7 pieces
  • Product functions: relieve dull skin and create watery, lustrous and elastic skin
  • Skin types: suitable for all skin types
  • Guarantee period: 3 years
  • Note:No taking orally or injection.

Opening and usage of Ampoule

  • Note: (tear apart the Ampoule and pay attention to check if there is any remaining glass slag at the bottleneck. If there is, please clean it)
  • Step 1: Flip lightly and make the essence fall to the bottom of the bottle
  • Step 2: Force to break it by covering the lid.
  • Step 3: Recover the lid
  • Step 4:Drip and apply
  • In the morning and in the evening, 1/2 of Ampoule is dripped in the palm. Massage with two hands and when the hands are hot, apply it onto the skin of the face and neck. Massage lightly till it is fully absorbed.

How to deal with the dangerous skin?






Stay up late

As people get older, the content of NADH is decreasing day by day. The daily unseen aging phenomena, such as dryness, dullness and fine lines, present in advance.

Caring skin starts from Ampoule

What is Ampoule?

It is originally called ampule. The inspiration comes from the care of water brightening. It is a small bottle with fresh and sealed package. Now it is broadly applied in skin care products. It contains high concentration essence and can care skin prominently and densely.

Senana Ampoule appears shockingly

High concentration

Concentration extracts essence

First aid station

Hydrate densely for 7 days

Easily absorbable

The texture is mild and easily absorbable.

The independent package is easily carried.

Luxury and beauty components

Watery, tender and nourishing

Ceramide 3

Lock moisture and hydrate, solidify the barrier of skin, improve the capacity of keeping the moisture and compact skin


Effectively hydrate and lock moisture, effectively control oil, shrink pores and improve skin and present young and beautiful skin.

Hyaluronic acid

Deeply enter the bottom of skin, relieve fine lines, hydrate the moisture the skin gets lost and improve the vitality and elasticity of skin

Small ampoule  Large functions


Mild and skin-friendly texture makes clear, transparent, fine and easily absorbable skin


Refresh the vitality of skin and make skin young again


Supplement the moisture for the skin, relive dull skin and highlight complexion

  • Ampoule Innovative design
  • Safe and convenient
  • Unique ring-cutting bottleneck makes it easily open and does not hurt hands.
  • Precisely take appropriate amount
  • One bottle for once to ensure effective components
  • Effectively isolate
  • Clean and sanitary. Oxidation resistance and pollution prevention

You are so stunning anywhere and anytime


  • The application amount: 7 pieces in one bottle for a week. Every piece of ampoule can be used once or twice. After opening, it needs finishing on the day. Please use one bottle for one day.


  • Suggest to use it at night. Densely care in the evening and the effect will be better.

  • 1 bottle to solve 4 skin problem
  • Even and Shining Complexion Care the bottom of skin
  • Hyaluronic Acid Watery Essence
  • Tighten and tender skin, Care skin and Keep moist and watery
  • Hyaluronic Acid Watery Essence
  • See the mark for the expiration date
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Contain the components of hyaluronic acid. It is mild and skin-friendly, clearly repairs, brightens skin, repairs skin, gives the watery care to the dry skin. It hydrates and moisturizes and makes skin fresh and beautiful.



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SENANA Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule Face Serum Shrink Pore Anti-Ance Nicotinamide

$9.68$35.20 (-73%)

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